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Hanami in Shinjuku gyoen

Cherry blossom season is almost over and this year it was incredibly early, it was a completely new experience for me and I felt like I was not ready for all this shooting because I always emphasized night photography and it was a bit difficult to understand, I can do I fit this into my style and vision.

I did just a few sakura shootings and was genuinely surprised and inspired by the results, I think I captured the right vibes and for me it felt like a fashion photography to me, when you use that insane amount of pale flowers like a fairy tale pattern.

And also it was the first time I really enjoyed Shinjuku gyoen, although this park is considered one of the main parks in Tokyo, it always seems boring to me without special events or activities, but this lush bloom really changed its scenery, making everything around sink in huge light pink clouds. Even if you’re am absolute flower hater (I’ve never seen such people, but let’s pretend) I’m sure that you wi be impressed.

One more thing I have to say - everyone can be a model! I did some sakura shootings with professional models but look at this girl, it was the very first photo shoot in her life and she was so nervous before it, but she fit perfectly, we decided not to use any dresses, and I really love her simple style, we laughed that brought a bit of a cowboy vibes.

For me it was a challenge, and this is the type of challenge I really enjoy - finding new ways to capture all the beauty around you, improving your skills.

In fact, almost every region have a flowerimg trees in the spring, but most likely only Japan makes a cult out of it. Sometimes it looks like general madness, but try to think a little deeper and you will see how this holiday atmosphere is important for society.

Of course it still a giant tourist attraction and great economy booster with a crazy amount of sakura goods, but it’s up to you how to use it - immerse yourself in cultural and philosophical studies while watching tiny falling flowers or get drunk under the sakura tree, but I think the first option may follow the second.

I’m very grateful that I have so many situations and so many people who show me how to learn, how to break my own limitations and habits, and how to become something more. We spend so much time in colleges in universities, but only this crazy whirlpool of life can teach you how to swim and improvise.

Look at this gorgeous trees, I’m even feel a bit weird but I really recommend you to visit Shinjuku gyoen in sakura season!

If you are planning your spring trip to Japan, don’t forget to check a cherry blossom forecast and find a right photographer to save your impressions! ;)

I’ve never seen such a pink flower carpet before.

Every photo session is not only shooting, but always pleasant walk and a lot of fun, whether it’s a sunny day in the park or the night alleys of a neon city.

Capture the momen! ;)

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