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Mt. Fuji taken with my iPhone

One day I felt that I was very tired of my camera. Many years ago I changed my Canon to Sony and you know it's not easy to change brand of your camera because you have to change the whole system including lenses, batteries, memory cards and other things. But I remember that feeling of lightness, because Sony's new mirrorless was much smaller and more intuitive, and compared to the Canon, it really felt like an extension of my hand and my brain.

Smartphone photography is getting better and better every year, and I found myself using my iPhone even when taking photos with Sony to make videos, as well as photos due to different focal lengths.

In any case, you have to remember that the best camera is the one you have with you, and maybe I could get better results by changing lenses, using a tripod and all this with my Sony, but there were enough old fully equipped Japanese people around throwing venomous looks at anyone who dared to walk in front of their cameras.

Yes, all these beautiful pictures were made with iPhone! Of course, I was lucky with the weather, and somehow we chose a good day for our trip.

Don't forget that digital photography always needs editing, and you have enough tools in iOS to make photos look better, and now even Adobe has mobile version of Photoshop, but for iPhone photos I prefer to use VSCO, its filters help capture the atmosphere better.

If you have ever used JR Pass, you will easily recognize this location! I didn't have the task to take the same photo, but it is possible.

I know a lot of people buy cameras and don't use them, so think twice if you don't want to be a professional photographer, chances are your phone will be enough to hold beautiful memories.

Feels like that swan is always here :)

Use different focal length, sometimes a wide angle gives a very nice result.

Wish you never miss the chance to take a cool pic!

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