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Abandoned hotel in Atami

At first glance, Japan doesn't seem like a country with many abandoned places — these islands are known by its highly concentrated urbanisation, but the more one learns about it, the more cliches turns to dust.

Last summer, shortly after I moved to Tokyo, our photography team took a day trip to abandoned hotel in Atami, resort city on the edge of Sagami Bay.

You have to remember that very often access such areas is forbidden, but even if you don't see any stop signs, please be careful and respectful, you a here for art and enjoy the aesthetics, not for vandalism.

There are so many amazing objects such as stuffed animals and pseudo-antique statues, it's a case where taste is so bad that it's good.

It's a huge complex with 3 or more buildings, and it's a real dump almost everywhere.

I thought I knew Japan well, but even I was surprised by these interiors.

Of course, our main goal was to get portraits of each other, and my beautiful friend was driving her car right in that dress. That moment when you walk out of the train station and you're greeted by a blonde in an evening gown and a red BMW.

Kohki made a few shots for his friend's clothing brand. This guy is so talented and by the way he's one of the Lightroom ambassadors, you can check his page here.

Thanks to huge windows, so dusty and even dirty, light was very soft and with a wild flora it gave us very mystical feelings.

It should be noted that you can buy a lot of cheap cameras at junk stores in Akihabara, even if they don't work, it's a good accessory for photos.

This dead building was a pure fairytale, I have to come back for more shots.

This artificial bouquet definitely gave us the right decadent vibes.

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